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AZ jobless outlook brighter-NOT!

Spin Spin Spin.  The state-run media will do anything to spin the news for the Obama administration. And it is not just the “big boys” at the national level,. Now even the local Jimmy Olsens think they can get away with it.  Here, brown-nosed reporter Dan Sorenson of the Arizona Star gets in the game with this absurd story which he titled “AZ Jobless Outlook Brighter”.

    A Tucson call center expected to open today, staffed by 80 new employees, is expected to further shorten telephone backlogs.

Job creation in the Old Pueblo.  Sounds promising doesn’t it?  Only one problem with the story;  the new call center is for the Unemployment Office.

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Comment by Found Zero
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Heinous. But it's not going to go over too well. Especially outside of Phoenix.

I run a few small businesses. Each one, the call volume has inverted: it used to be mostly customers calling. Now I get a few calls from customers and TONS OF CALLS, EVERY DAY CALLS TO ALL 3 from people looking for work or even asking me how to start their own business.


Next, Arizona. Full of service businesses high school kids used to do but look at us. How many people under age 50 are working at Wal Mart and the fast food joints?

Next, Arizona, formerly the "3-C" state. It's on our state seal. Crops, cattle & copper. Well copper has been pretty kaput since the 1970s, agriculture, ALL OUR BEST agricultural land has given way to tract housing and golf courses. Finally, cattle and ranching are fading as fast as indigenous prarie grass out here. There's no profitabity in the way we ranch in the high desert anymore.

We don't do all that much manufacturing here. We're a service economy and the real-estate/construction boom has been our life's blood for 3 decades. This has pretty much been "imported" money; people coming in from out of state to retire, set up business, get away from someplace else, what have you.

Screeeeeeeeeeeetch! The entire street-level real estate and mortgage industry: screeeeeeeetch! Construction and all attendant supply and service sectors: screeeeeeeeeeeeetch!

And right about then, tourism takes it right on the jowls. Both international and dommestic tourism are taking a MERCILESS POUNDING. Screeeeeeeeeeetch!

This pretty much leaves us with government spending, both military, our National Parks and BOA people, our Border Patrol people and our state employees. Well the state is up the creek for a budget now.

Arizona is not doing too good.

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