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Rising Calls for President Obama To Apologize For Lie To The Nation

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The national non-partisan immigration enforcement organization known as ALIPAC is calling on President Barack Obama to publicly apologize to the Congress, media, and the entire nation for lying about illegal immigrants having access to health care reform benefits. "Considering the large volume of evidence suggesting President Obama lied in his speech before Congress, he should follow Congressman Joe Wilson's example and apologize immediately," said William Gheen of ALIPAC. "Many people feel Joe Wilson was rude, but that is pale by comparison to the President of the United States of America intentionally lying to Congress, the media, and every American." Obama's claim that illegal aliens would not be covered by his health care reform plans have been disproved by the lack of enforcement measures in HR 3200, Democrat party line votes blocking any enforcement amendments to the bills, the fact that the US Senate is now moving to close loopholes Obama said did not exist, and the Congressional Research Service analysis showing Obama's comments to be incorrect. Further evidence that Obama intends to offer these benefits to illegal aliens are found in the fact his initial national estimates of the number of uninsured in America included over 6.6 uninsured illegal aliens. President Obama also told Katie Couric in a recent interview he plans to push for a "path to citizenship" for illegal aliens and that would qualify them for all taxpayer benefits and American jobs.

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Comment by Anonymous
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My dad used to take me to similar Klan parties in the 40's and 50's. I'm afraid these kind of things don't help Ron Paul and us Libertarians!

Comment by Lola Flores
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Now I think I've heard it all.   You people deserve to be locked and have the key throw away! 

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