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Obama Seeks Patriot Act Extensions

• Jason Ditz, September 15, 2009
Despite promises during the campaign that he would review certain of the most intrusive portions of the Patriot Act, President Barack Obama’s Justice Department today is calling for Congress to extend all three expiring provisions.

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Comment by Jerry Alexander
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And these people are going to "PUNISH" Wilson for calling Barry a lier....what a joke you Americans are.

Look at the people that are destroying you country..not a man among them,and you call yourselves the Home of the Brave...ROFL.

Comment by Found Zero
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Wait, Lucky Red, you got me confused. Which right-wing nut-jobs are you referring to? Us or the other right-wing nut-jobs? Please be more specific.

Comment by Found Zero
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Well that's kinda where we come in Lucky Red. We're equal-opportunity bashers.

Comment by Lola Flores
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 Gee, how come the Right Wing Nutjobs ain't jumping all over this one? 

Duh!  I forgot this was a Bush initiative so they figure that if they ignore it, nobody will notice and it will go away.  Ha ha!  What hateful fools they are.