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Ohio Plans to Try Again as Execution Goes Wrong

• NY Times
The State of Ohio plans to try again next week to execute a convicted rapist-murderer, after a team of technicians spent two hours on Tuesday in an unsuccessful effort to inject him with lethal drugs.

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Comment by Mike Renzulli
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Mr Shackelford needs to consider the likelihood that, while no love is lost for scum like this rapist, while governments are given the power of execution, despite safeguards like appeals and DNA tests, it also increases the likelihood of an innocent person being killed too.

Comments like his are indicative of someone who does not know the facts about the death penalty and I am sure his tone would change if someone he knew or loved and was innocent of the crime they are accused of yet were condemned to die.

Capital punishment is not about justice for murder victims and I would suggest Mr. Shackelford read the book "Actual Innocence" or discusses the issue at lenght with a defense attorney who has litigated death penalty cases.

If he does, like I did, I am sure his tone would change dramatically.

The fact is that the death penalty does not ensure justice nor does it make us all safer. 

Comment by Rusty Shackleford
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“Mr. Broom was convicted of the 1984 abduction, rape and killing of Tryna Middleton, 14,…”



Rape and murder of a 14 year old little girl! And some bleeding heart is going to tell me that he should not be executed? Do you really think this was the first little girl he raped?




There have been way more innocent people killed by convicted murderers that have been released after 15 years…because they did not get the death penalty… than innocent people executed by the state.



The death penalty needs to be used more often…this piece of filth raped and murdered an innocent girl…yet he has been given 25 years of life since this little girl lost her life.



A tear for this guy? Nope, but I will donate 1,000 rounds of 30-06 ammo to the state of Ohio to help with prison overcrowding.  



Next time, try injecting the guy with Lead!!!



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