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“One of the things that we heard over and over again is that is that its sorta the death panel thing taken to several degrees past that, where the president is gonna set up these death camps where they’re gonna do forced sterilization and that the government is taking over the internet to stifle, you know, speech and there is gonna be forced vaccination… it really is out there, Don…”
- Jim Spellman, CNN

CNN may call this reporting… in truth, this was an effort to marginalize the rally by focusing on a few lunatics who showed up at every tea party rally across the nation. The great majority of participants simply felt that the US was heading at break-neck speed towards socialism and too much government control of their lives. Keep smirking, Don.

Then there is the segment where the Chicken-News-Network threw poor Lisa Desjardin to the rally-goers. Fredricka Whitfield “forewarns” the audience that there may be some shouting, then proceeds to ask Desjardin about Joe Wilson. The protestors shout “Tell the truth! Tell the truth!” Maybe CNN should try reporting the story; there was a time many years ago when they did. (More videos at site)

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Comment by Anonymous
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Check through the archives on my all barack channel news you will really get a hoot out of those!

Comment by Lola Flores
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 CNN highligting obvious bias in the media...ROFL!  I guess the next article will be about FAUX accusing others of bias and misinformation...ha ha!

Oh, Lori, you're really killing me today!

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