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The Gay Divorcées


I recently became aware of a vexing moral dilemma: a judge in Indiana is refusing to grant a married lesbian couple a divorce because the state does not officially recognize same-sex marriages. This forces gay people to remain together — in violation of traditional values. But on the other hand it prevents them from getting divorced — upholding traditional values.

Like so many of life’s moral quandries, I put this one in the hands of the Lord:

Jesus never even mentioned homosexuals or homosexual behavior — rightfully knowing that we would all assume that he felt being gay was a mortal sin, even if he never, y’know, said anything. But He clearly stated that divorce is a sin: “What God has joined together, let no man separate.”

So while it is obvious that being gay is sinful, it appears that Jesus felt that getting divorced was an even larger sin. On that basis, I think gay people who happened to get legally married will have no choice but to remain married forever. But since being gay is also sinful, I think that “married” homosexual couples should sleep in separate beds and refrain from having sex – just like real married couples.

Equality at last.


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