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Video - Jay Leno Ridicules ACORN with Spoof Commerical - "Thank You, ACORN"

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Comment by Anonymous
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Hi Red lol as usual. I see you’re okay with a taxpayer-funded nonprofit colluding in sex slavery of young girls then why doesn't that surprise me? Well Acorn again because they are a scummy organization filled with scummy people. Rico charges should be brought. For far too long the mainstream media tried to cover up the criminality. Aside from the fact that it is taxpayer funded any organization or person who would engage in or find acceptable the abuse of children is a person or persons not fit to live in a civilized society. If decent people will not stand up for and protect children this society is doomed.

Comment by Lola Flores
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 ACORN, ACORN, ACORN...can't wait to see what it will be next week...the United Way perhaps?  Or maybe the Cancer Society?  Or the Special Olympics?  My, my, many choices so little time...