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Glennn Beck Apologizes to Libertarians??

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Comment by Anita Barnett
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He's getting there. He is still confusing our being attacked by a terrorist organization and not a government. We went after governments in response to 9/11 when we should have sent some folks after the organization. This would be marque and reprisal and would have been much more effective and also is constitutional.  I hope Glen Beck keeps reading. This is encouraging too see his views changing.

Comment by Scott Bieser
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Conservatives have learned that they need libertarians more than libertarians need conservatives. But Beck still doesn't get it, still doesn't understand history, still doesn't understand what imperialism is. 


Comment by G Cone
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Wow, thats the most brilliant I've heard Beck be. What an epiphany on his part. And by brilliant I mean he agrees with me exactly. If he could just get out from under the trance of religion he'll be truly free. I guess thats the case with most libertarians. I've made that rant almost verbatim when arguing politics with my neocon friends 

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