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19 Terrorists vs Millions of Illegal Aliens

• Woodward Report

They are exploding spending in health care, welfare, education and if steps are not taken soon, they will bring the US economy to the brink of collapse.
The United States was created with immigrants poured into a melting pot that made us the envy of the world. Even today in the economic unrest and uncertainty, people around the world still want to come here for political, religious and economic freedom. And they should, but they should enter the US under the laws and rules set up to accept legal immigration.
Anyone who crosses the border without proper documentation is a law breaker. No exception, period!
First and foremost, the borders must be secured for if they are left to the status quo, there is no real security at all. The US Border Patrol must be beefed up and backed up by the National Guard in order to seal the border. It will not be cheap, but will be cheaper than letting these law breaking illegal aliens bleed away our treasury with a million cuts that seem to increase as time goes by.
Next the law must be changed to keep any child being made a US Citizen just because it was delivered on US soil. If that newborn does not have parents that are already US Citizens or legal alien residents, then the child is not automatically given citizenship.
Furthermore, any employer that knowingly hires illegal aliens should be fined $5,000 per count, increasing in amount for every additional one. That includes anyone going by ‘day worker’ sites for cheap illegal alien labor or those having a live-in nanny that is an illegal alien.
Emergency rooms must still treat anyone with a life threatening problem, but if citizenship or legal resident status is not provided, local police and US Immigration Services must be notified to hold the offenders until they are deported.
Schools should only accept students that are citizens or children of legal alien residents.
Neither federal nor local human services funds should go to anyone not a citizen or legal alien resident.
Federal mortgage loans and housing assistance should not be given to anyone not a citizen or legal alien resident.

If any local or state government offers ‘sanctuary status to illegal aliens’ they should be forced to forfeit any federal funding of any kind and the US Justice Department should move to press obstruction of justice and harboring fugitives charges against those offending officials.
Too many times we find illegal aliens are caught, deported and then caught again time after time after time. This must be stopped by putting the offenders into prison for 10 years and then deporting them. This may not be a cheap solution, but less expensive than millions of illegal aliens continually entering and reentering the US time and again.

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