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“We’ll See If Iran is Serious” Redux

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 Fox News’s “Special Report” on Friday featured Secretary of State Hillary Clinton outlining the Obama administration’s Iran policy, and she may as well have begun, “Stop me if you’ve heard this one before….” Her speech could have been culled from any official statement on the topic for at least three years. “Our message will be clear,” said Hillary. “We are serious, and we will soon see if the Iranians are serious. This is not about process for the sake of process…. We have no appetite for talks without action.”
Multiple subsequent attempts to divine the gravity of the Iran issue have been offered. The results: Russia is actively assisting Iran’s nuclear program; various European nations conduct billions of dollars in trade with Iran; and Iran’s nuclear program snowballs forward. APreported Thursday the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) ”believes the Islamic republic has ’sufficient information’ to make a nuclear weapon and has ‘probably tested’ a key component.” Glyn Davis, the U.S. ambassador to the UN atomic watchdog catnappers, added Wednesday that Iran has reached “possible breakout capacity” to build a weapon rapidly. This simply amplifies Adm. Mike Mullen’s announcement in March that Iran has enough uranium for a nuclear weapon.
Years upon years of requests to negotiate have yielded…another request to negotiate. The Obama administration wants to know, yet again, if Iran is “serious,” and it will find that it most assuredly is serious — about developing a nuclear weapon, bombing Israel, threatening Europe, and possibly smuggling a dirty bomb through one of its terrorist affiliates into the United States.

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