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This week's stories...

Story #1 - IRS to be health care enforcer 

Story #2 - Medicare troubles

Story #3 - Pfizer pleads guilty to felony

Story #4 - Commercial real estate collapse kicked down road

Story #5 - Obama shift from owning to renting

Story #6 - Banks could get ugly fast

Story #7 - We didn't really make money from tarp

Story #8 - Food Stamps reach 35 million

Story #9 - RV cities

Story #10 - Corporate Insider Selling Is An Extremely Beari 17 Times Normal

Story #11 - Throw the bums out

Story #12 - "I Pledge" is the title of this slick propaganda video that calls for Americans to become servants of Obama (literally).

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Comment by Anonymous
Entered on:

I agree I wish they were released more up to date I believe they have some sort of problem with you tube. I posted it though because of some of the stories mainly vis a vis the insiders selling at 17 times normal.

Comment by Powell Gammill
Entered on:

I liked this as an example of what people can do on their own to promote communication...though the girl needs to be better lighted.  But if you are going to do this sort of thing you need to keep up...Sept. 6th on Sept. 21 is not news.  A weekly wrap at least, and yes it requires devotion and a bit of sacrifice of time.