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New Evidence of White House Ties to ACORN and Anti-Glenn Beck Effort

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Moncrief also testified that, in November 2007, she was given a massive database of Barack Obama donors who had already reached the maximum that they are allowed to give to the Democratic presidential nominee. Her task was to cull it for potential donors who, though prohibited from giving any more to Obama, could give to ACORN.

Moncrief said that she received the database from her supervisor and that the person insisted the Obama campaign had provided it.

Big Government has found another Connection 
 Presidential Advisor Valerie Jarrett’s crew member Buffy Wicks who is the former political director of forced union dues financed In the conference call, Wicks highlighted the important role United We Serve ( has in President Obama’s Organizing America strategy. SeeDana Loesch’s article about directing volunteers to ACORN. 

The Obama campaign boastfully promoted Wick’s moniker, “Buffy the Wal-Mart Slayer” that highlights her community organizing experience with Wakeup’s efforts to increase costs for Wal-Mart and the prices for its customers. However, the Obama White Housepress release tones down Wicks past position: 

Buffy Wicks, Deputy Director of the White House Office of Public Engagement. Wicks has a long history in grassroots organizing and civic engagement. Most recently she was the Director of the Renew America Together effort, the call to service issued by then President-elect Obama. She also served on the Obama for America campaign in a variety of roles, including California Field Director and Missouri State Director, and helped develop the national grassroots field strategy. She has also worked in the labor movement, fighting for better health care and wages for disenfranchised workers. She is originally from California and graduated with a double major in Political Science and History from the University of Washington. 

It appears that Wicks may be continuing to influence Wakeup on behalf of President Obama’s agenda, because Big Labor-funded Wakeup resources were used to harass Glenn Beck for his opposition to President Obama’s vision for America. Wicks’ former employer Wakeup currently boasts that it forced Wal-Mart to pull advertising from the Glenn Beck Show.
The Wicks-led  Wakeup worked with the United Food & Commercial Workers (UFCW) union bosses to cooperate with ACORN. In Fact the UFCW paid ACORN over a half-a-million dollars.
While Wicks coordinated UFCW sponsored Wakeup’s “political” organizing campaign, UFCW bragged about its coordination with ACORN. UFCW also coordinated numerous voter registrations with ACORN. 

Wicks became the Political Director for Wakeup, an outfit supported by forced union dues under the direction and control of UFCW bosses. On October 13, 2005, UFCW announced its new partnership with ACORN: 
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