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Can Obama force you to buy health insurance? Nothing in the Constitution allows the individual mand


Nothing in the Constitution authorizes any federal involvement in healthcare – yet Congress may soon require everyone in America to buy insurance.

Admittedly, the Supreme Court has ruled that the language empowering Congress to "regulate Commerce ... among the several States" applies to an ever-broadening range of activity. The "commerce" clause was originally intended to prohibit interstate tariffs, a supposed problem under the Articles of Confederation.

Ironically, consumers today cannot freely buy health insurance from across state lines. If there's any legitimate application of the "commerce" clause, it would be to overturn such restrictions. But the framers never gave Congress the general power to regulate industry.

In the 1935 case Schecter v. United States, involving farming regulations, the court unanimously struck down parts of the National Industrial Recovery Act for overstepping Congress's commerce power. Liberal Justice Louis Brandeis informed one of President Franklin Roosevelt's aides to "tell the president that we're not going to let this government centralize everything."

The next year, the court ruled in Butler v. United States that elements of the Agricultural Adjustment Act, which inflated food prices by restricting supply, violated the 10th Amendment.

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Comment by Wayne Maxwell
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Can Obama make me buy insurance?  Well, that bunch in DC believes they have that ability.

What gets me is that people complain about something like this coming down the pipe, then COMPLY when it does!

As far as I'm concerned, all 3 branches of Federal Government has exceeded their Constitutional boundaries, and therefore are null, void, and anything they come up with, is simply NOT binding on any citizen of this nation.

So, will the make ME buy insurance or fine/tax me for not doing it?

Absolutely not.  I'm armed, well stocked on ammo, and let them come.  Time to end this and restore America.





Comment by Powell Gammill
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What they quote is the General Welfare clause as justification. 

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