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True free market capitalism will help nation’s struggles

• Rand Paul Report (HT Liberty Pulse)
 We are currently engaged in two major conflicts: In Iraq and of course, with the recent troop deployments in Afghanistan. We have over ten percent unemployment, an outrageously high number, and about 44 million people who have no healthcare. And global warming is our biggest issue? Did you know that since 2001, the earth has actually been cooling? January 2008 was one of the coldest months in 20 years and since 2007 we have seen a massive drop in climate. I’m not a scientist and won’t pretend to be. I certainly don’t have all the facts. But I do know that right now, America is at a crossroads. With recent bailouts slapping Adam Smith in the face and some of the most important pieces of legislation ever passing through congress, we can’t worry about global warming.

I will agree with Kennedy on this: free market capitalism is the answer. It’s the answer to most of our problems with big government. And as he said in his speech, not the watered down kind that is corrupted by politicians but true capitalism. We achieve this, not by healthcare reform or tax reform or environment reform, but by politician reform! We need to send responsible, concerned citizens to Washington, not lifetime politicians looking out for nothing but getting re-elected. Dr. Rand Paul is the change this country needs. As senator, he will never vote for an unbalanced budget and will notaccept donations from those looking for a kick-back once he’s in power. He’s by the people and for the people and will help put a stop to reckless spending in Washington and focus on this country’s real problems.

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