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Honduran Security Breaks up Pro-Zelaya Demos

• AP

Honduras' airports and borders were closed Tuesday, while baton-wielding police fired tear gas to chase thousands of demonstrators away from the embassy where their deposed president is holed up to avoid arrest.

Some gas canisters were also hurled over the walls of the Brazilian embassy, where President Manuel Zelaya, his wife, some of their children, Cabinet members and journalists kept a tense watch on police and soldiers who patrolled neighboring rooftops.


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Comment by Tim Yarbrough
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 US Patriots should applaud the Supreme Court, Congress, Honduran Patriots and Military of Honduras for their couragous fight to remain Free from becoming a Chavez dictatorship. We can all learn from "the poorest country" as they call it though they are richer than most in what is truly important. Honduras will not remain poor long as they are rich in the desire for Freedom and the opportunity to prosper and care for their Families and their Country! Viva Honduras!! Viva Honduras! Viva Honduras!! May Freedom live!!

Makes me want to visit!!