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Just look for the union label

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A radical marxist front that has been doing nothing but shepherding big union special interests through government and radical secular theology, funded by taxpayers, into neighborhoods across America. These so called "community organizations" have been nothing more than a shell game for social progressives and their anti-american zeal to undo every founding principle of American life, until "everybody else does it!" actually starts to sound like a rational starting point for action.

The fact of the matter is, social progressives have hidden under the banner of speaking for the poor and minorities, while draining public dollars and then turning around and using those dollars in elections across the country to spread their divisive, radical anti-wealth, anti-development, anti-human agenda. They have a web of radical Marxist organizations funded by men like billionaire George Soros that fronted as lawyers groups, a political party and voices of the middle class. They are all about freedom of speech and organization, but get active right back and their thugs will put you in the hospital.

But you can't see the picture until you get a bit of history...

The Tides Foundation was founded in 1976, and began such notable organizations as the National Lawyers Guild, a Communist Front group, and has had such notable speakers as Lynne Stwwart, defender of the 1993 World Trade Center bombers. George Soros has given nearly $7 million to Tides, but its primary funding is federal grants. Thats right, federal grants.

Wade Rathke is a Board Member of The Tides Foundation.

The Tides Foundation has 16 Directors, one of who is Drummond Pike. Pike is a part of the Democracy Alliance, founded by George Soros. Recipients of Democracy Alliance grants are sworn to secrecy about the funds they receive from this organization, thus only a small percentage of its grantees are known to the public. One of those is ACORN. Pike also funneled nearly $1 million to ACORN through Citizens Consulting, Inc, later a focus of Congressional Hearings for RICO and electoral fraud during Obamas election.

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