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“Illuminati” bulls**t, “patriot” idiocy, and fear

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The Illuminati used to be a real organization that was formed in Bavaria by the jesuit trained Adam Weishaupt on May 1, 1776.  The organization was banned in 1874, along with all other secret societies in Bavaria. You can look up the history for yourself if you are interested. You will find it easily in mainstream sources. The history is not the point of this article.

It is argued  that the organization remains well hidden among freemasons and various occult societies. These arguments are never proven. What people do is get a little overzealous with copying and pasting the exact same text in an attempt to prove the Illuminati’s existence. Or sometimes they will simply write it and try to sound authoritative, and some people will believe them since there is a tendency among some to believe almost anything if it is in print or on the boob tube.

What is happening to us is not the result of any Illuminati conspiracy, whether it is a current secret society or not. The people that propose, vote on, and sign legislation and enforce their phony laws do it right out in the open. Their names are known.

Those that gleefully deprive us of our life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness are decidedly not hidden. We write about them all the time; from the pigs on the street to the Generals in the Pentagon to the Executive, Judicial and Legislative branches of government. Do you have a problem with my sources? I do name names, you know? Nothing is hidden here.

Blaming the “Illuminati”  shifts the blame from those we know to those that we can’t know because they are hidden and therefore unknowable.

People, you cannot fight an enemy you cannot see.

Who gains by obstructing the identity of the enemy? The only people that gain from spouting this Illuminati crap are those in power now and those that work for those in power. It might be the most insidious form of disinformation that there is out there.

It’s hard, if not impossible, to separate the disinfo scum from the true believers. There are dupes and some are gullible morons, even if they believe it all in good faith. They spend all of their time chasing shadows instead of attacking the real and known enemy. Tell me, to whose advantage do they work?

Aren’t things bad enough without having to make these things up?

I see this as just being a  part of the problem.  I see the root of the problem as being based on fear. They fear the Illuminati. They fear the government. They fear hidden things that they cannot even know or name. They are afraid of their own shadows.

There is no reason to fear anything, not even death. As bad as things are, and as things will get even worse, what we are documenting is the end of this worldwide empire and the beginning of freedom. No one ever said that freedom was free, did they? It’s paid for in blood and sweat, and more than a few tears.

What the “leadership” are trying to do is get a jump on things by installing an emerging police state in order to force acceptance of the status quo, but they are failing because they are outgunned, outnumbered, and people expose them at every fucking opportunity. This is a team effort, never forget that.

Fear is a great motivator for the masses, but it’s not the strongest motivator. Every day people join us simply because nothing ever happens in a vacuum. Every day people get raped by the system and finally wake up. That is a stronger motivation than fear, because it is based on the truth.

Now is the time for boldness, not fear. The ones that should fear are the self-appointed “leaders” and authoritarians.

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Comment by Trouser Chili
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Interesting though, when we make a change and vote the scumbags out, they are invariably replaced with more scumbags following the same agenda.  Any attempts to prosecute individuals are met with coordinated governmental apathy.

So how can this NOT be controlled from a hidden source?  With all the myriad different attacks on our freedoms from absolutely every possible angle, how can it NOT be a coordinated effort from an invisible puppetmaster?

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