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Adam Kokesh - Fund Raising

Now is a critical moment for our campaign!
Our fund-raising has yielded almost $70,000 already thanks to your considerable efforts!  But the powers that be in this machine-controlled state are hard at work to make sure that those efforts never bear fruit. 
That is why we are asking you to help us top our fund-raising goal of $100,000 by the end of this month. We want to send a powerful message that Adam Kokesh is the REAL THING! This is your chance to support liberty and stand out as a fearless defender of the Constitution and our Republican system.  Donate here to fight the forces of corruption and statism.
It's up to you!
The Democrat machine is working night and day to maintain the status quo of corrupt politicians, bureaucrats, corporations that has given us everything from the bailouts to government motors.
By becoming a Kokesh Patriot, you will join over 500 other freedom-loving Americans committed to donating $60 or more before the end of the month, putting us over the all-important goal of $100,000!  All you have to do is
click here.
We know what you want! 
During this campaign, it has become clear that you want a Congressman who will fight to preserve the Constitution and ensure peace, freedom, and prosperity. Now is the time to show your support for those principles and for the man who will uphold them.
Your donations will be used to finance projects to spread Adam's message of limited, Constitutional government, identify supporters, and build a get out the vote apparatus that is second to none.  We don't believe in pie in the sky, just like you, we are here to win!  Your donation of $60 or more will make that possible.  It only takes a second when you click here
Remember, Victory is not possible without you!
Mark Johnson
Fund-raising Coordinator
Kokesh for Congress
P.S. We only have 1 week, so please send your contribution right away. All checks can be made out to Winter Soldiers for Kokesh. You can send them to PO Box 1062, Santa Fe, NM 87504. You can also make an online donation right now by clicking here. Thank you!

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