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The Dawning of the Age of Obama

• American Thinker
The answer is obvious:  Hair is the perfect play for the Age of Obama.  It started a 40 year love affair with the body, an obsession with the self, that has never stopped.

Along with the unbridled sex and drugs, Hair and the 60's unleashed a tsunami of rage that has only gathered force over time. In Hair, the performers were literally in your face with their fury.  Thus began a 40 year temper tantrum that has never stopped.  

Today the angry people of the Left are still enraged, but they don't even know what they're pissed off about.  Being ticked off just feels powerful; it produces feel good brain chemicals like adrenaline. After a while, fulminating becomes an addiction, like cocaine.  So even though they have the President of their dreams, they're still on a rampage.

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