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Mich. Stares Down 2nd Govt. Shutdown in 3 Years

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Economically beleaguered Michigan faces a possible government shutdown — shuttering highway rest areas, state parks, construction projects and the state lottery — if lawmakers fail to reach a budget deal by next week.

The state with the nation's highest unemployment rate has a nearly $3 billion shortfall. Federal recovery act money will fill more than half the gap, but the spending cuts or tax increases needed to fill the rest have caused bitter infighting at the state Capitol.


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Comment by Trouser Chili
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The really scary part for the government is when nobody notices they've shut down.  When people see that life goes on pretty much the same as usual, maybe THEN they'll wonder what they are all really paying for?

Comment by Powell Gammill
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This is how the death spasms of government begin.  Shutdown, shutdown, shutdown as the booty runs dry.  Longer durations.  Shorter gaps in between.  Until finally the accounting tricks, seizures, fines, fees, taxes, extortions and threats no longer persuade lenders to buy muni-bonds.  Then it is one big shutdown from which government never awakes.

Something new will arise, or slither in to take its place.  But we will witness the lights progressively winking out around the nation on government.  It is only a question of whether the lights dim and finally fail or someone has to flip the switch. 

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