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An Opportunity to Join the Pigs at the Trough

Goldman Sachs has launched an aggressive recruiting drive to build its asset management business at a time when its rivals are pulling back from fund management, reports FT.

The bank plans to hire up to 200 staff across all regions in an attempt to establish a dominant position as one of the world’s leading asset managers. In 2007 Goldman was ranked 17th in the world in terms of assets under management.
The other stories worth reading today on Economic Policy Journal (One of my favorite sites for great news and responsible analysis)...
Richard Ebeling, professor of economics at Northwood University, delivered a public lecture at the University on "Economics, Freedom,and the Current Economic Crisis."

In the lecture, he explains how government monetary and interventionist policy created the economic crisis we are in, and why a return to a truly free market is the only lasting and sustainable way to overcome the current recession. This is a great lecture.

Ebeling is one of the top active Austrian economists. His analyses are always hardcore Austrian. If you want to understand how the economy really works, pay attention to Ebeling. His lecture is here.
Trend trackers who really dig through the data, but who operate blindly without a business cyle theory, are starting to catch on that the U.S. economy is likely headed for a double dip. They aren't all the way there, but they are starting to detect the problems

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