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Good morning, worker drones: This Week In Mayhem

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In particular for the situation in the United States, these schemes have enabled the US to deficit spend under fiat conditions and EXPORT price inflation to foreign creditor nations , since the official demonetization of gold in 1971. This has been possible due to the status of the US dollar as world reserve currency , and the implicit pricing of strategic commodities such as Oil in US Dollars. Thus, the unusual alliance between the United States and the human-rights paradises / petrostates such as Saudi Arabia. This has all been detailed in my article Gold and Systemic Crisis, which I recommend reading, as it directly connects with these recently declassified documents regarding gold manipulation. The Oil-Gold-Dollar connection is critical to understand how the scam functions. 

 The purpose then, in terms of gold price suppression in favor of the USDollar/Tbond complex, is to maintain a system in which the concentration of wealth flows upwards towards US-UK global elites which helps perpetuate their entrenched political control. Functionally, this governing structure best resembles 'oligopoly' -- that is an oligarchy with a monopoly. Indeed this is precisely what we have seen, as wealth inequalities between the top 1% of society and the rest of humanity reach levels never before seen in the United States.

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