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Is The FDIC Killing Short Sales? (Publisher recommended)

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As some of you already now, I blogged recently about being interviewed recently by our local NBC news affiliate. Basically, IndyMac Bank(now OneWest Bank), is holding one my clients hostage, demanding a $75k promissory note, or they will

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Comment by Andy Jackson
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Get out of foreclosure.  Pay nothing and keep your house.  The Bank committed fruad upon you when you signed the promisory note/deed of trust.  Look up trust.  You are the Trustor- the creator (the one with the money), the trustee does your bidding, and your assets go to the beneficiary.  Fire the trustee and replace him with someone you trust.  The Banks trustee cant' sell your house anymore he has lost authority.  Look up Karen Tappert.  see my blog become sovereign