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Goldman Sachs Secret Deals Wilth US via Paulson

• Goldman Sachs 666

Let's list the conspirators we have learned about in this article.

Henry Paulson, the US Treasury Secretary and former CEO Goldman Sachs (was deeply involved in the process) Lloyd Blankfein, CEO Goldman Sachs and a Board member of Wachovia Robert Steel, CEO Wachovia and former vice-chairman of Goldman Sachs.  Also was former Deputy Treasury Secretary under Paulson Timothy Geithner, then President of the NY Federal Reserve Bank and NOW US Secretary of the Treasury (hmmm)
Rodgin Cohen, a Sullivan & Cromwell lawyer who was advising Wachovia on parallel talks with Morgan Stanley and Goldman Sachs Gary Cohn, Goldman Sachs Co PresidentAnd there are many more co conspirators throughout the financial institutions, the government and our elected officials.  Jamie Dimn of JP Mrgan/Chase is certainly one and one who now has the ear of our President..

WAKE UP AMERICA!  You are being manipulated and robbed.  Can you not see how the average person is hurting while these others are profiting at your expense?  

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