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Bloggers Run the World - Thanks for the Confirmation

• Zero Hedge

In addition to outdated business models, another reason people turn to blogs for news is that bloggers tend to beindependent thinkers; and most do not charge a fee with the exception of proprietary materials. On the other hand, the news media tends to be biased towards liberal and socialistic ideals, which is one constituent group of Obama, and theDemocratic Party. In addition, many news organizations are starting to charge a fee for internet content. It shouldn’t be a surprise which one the public flocks to in this economy.
As much as the West, with the U.S. being the most vocal, has been condemning China for its media censorship, one could not help but sense a whiff of media control and censorship in the President’s remark. 

As a nation, we do not need another bailout of incompetent businesses. Bailouts and restructuring into non-profits, as suggested by Obama, only guarantees the continuation of a proven failed business model. This strategy would only undermine the already tenuous nature of objective journalistic integrity and move the U.S. one step closer towards the much despised controlled market approach.

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