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Gore and Google: Pants on Fire

• American Thinker
 Together they have created an internet video which heralds Google's entrance into the world of climate forecasting. 

The video champions Google's new mapping tool which simulates a 3D map of the world predicting the effects of climate change through the year 2100.  They claim their data is provided by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change.  According to Google, the mapping tool was introduced in partnership with the Danish Government ahead of the United Nations Climate Change Convention in December.  In otherwords, this is a visual ruse to scare the hell of out of the uninformed masses.

In the video, Gore, who provides the sleepy monotone voice-over, whines out a whopper:  "If we were to not dramatically reduce our emissions, the global average temperature is expected to rise as much as four or more degrees Celsius by the end of this century."  He continues, declaring, "In addition, the extensive melting of the Greenland and West Antarctica ice sheets...could cause global sea-level to rise between four and twelve meters, with each meter causing roughly another 100-million refugees."

Pants afire!  There is absolutely no science to back up these wild claims. 

A compilation of all temperature records (satellite and land based) indicates a warming since the mid-19th century (in other words since the dawn of the Industrial Revolution) of .7 degrees Celsius. Point seven degrees.  Most of that rise occurred before 1940.

Even the activist scientist from NASA, James "Gandhi" Hansen, well known for his contemptuous climate claims, has not made a prediction like Gore and Google.  In 2007, Hansen gave the German magazine Spiegel a fudge-filled million year forecast which 

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