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Yale Self-Censors New Book Examining Extreme Muslim Reaction to Danish Cartoons of Prophet Muhammad

• CNS News
  Four years after a Danish newspaper published a dozen cartoons depicting Muhammad, and set off violent protests by Muslims, Yale University Press has touched off protests of its own by censoring the offending cartoons out of a scholarly book it has just released on the protests.
“I am very disappointed that the university decided not to publish depictions of the Islamic Prophet Muhammad in a scholarly work on the cartoon crisis,” Shea said. 
“I find it extremely disturbing that Yale University Press would, at the drop of a hat, trade off freedom of speech and scholarly inquiry for some remote possibility of violence or offense,” Shea said. “Yale betrayed its principles, and showed that even at the highest levels of (academics), there is extreme confusion about the limits of free speech.” 
The human rights lawyer said she finds it particularly ironic that in lieu of the cartoons, the university has invited the cartoonist to appear on campus.
“Given that they are now sponsoring a talk by the cartoonist, it seems that there was no real threat,” Shea added. 
Robert Spencer, author of “The Complete Infidel’s Guide to the Koran,” published by Regnery Press, said that the university is “demonstrating that threats of violence work, and that Western non-Muslims will not stand up and defend the principle of free speech against Islamic supremacist intimidation.”
Spencer claims that intimidation is part of Islam’s history, and is a technique that  Muslims have begun to use to silence their critics – those, he said, who “offend Islam.” 
“Islam is not a religion of peace, Islam is a religion of war par excellence,” Spencer told “Islam is the only religion in the world that has a theology and legal system that mandates war against unbelievers.  
“Islam is supremacist because Islam is supremacist by its nature,” Spencer said. “It’s a political system as well as well as a religious one that calls for the subjugation of Jews and Christians under the rule of the Muslims, with denial of basic rights to them – including the freedom of speech and the right to build new houses of worship.” 

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