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Time Magazine's Justin Fox: "Some Financial Market Conspiracies Are Real"

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Indeed, when Matt Taibbi claimed that Goldman created every bubble since the Great Depression, a Goldman spokesman responded by calling Taibbi's essay "an hysterical compilation of conspiracy theories".

Tyler Durden at Zero Hedge blew the whistle on Goldman's high-frequency trading and other frontrunning activities, and has also been called a conspiracy theorist.

PhD economist, former Assistant Secretary of the Treasury, and former Wall Street Journal editor Paul Craig Roberts says that the government and mainstream media are lying to the American public about how bad the economic situation really is.

PhD economist Dean Baker said in February that the true purpose of the bank rescues is "a massive redistribution of wealth to the bank shareholders and their top executives".

PhD economist Michael Hudson says that the financial “parasites” have killed the American economy, and they are "sucking as much money out" as they can before "jumping ship".

PhD economist Michel Chossudovsky says that the giant banks which received the most bailout money also finance a portion of the government's debt, and are exercising their power as creditors to buy public assets for a song and to impose IMF-style austerity measures on the U.S. government.

The response to Roberts, Baker, Hudson and Chossudovsky is, oftentimes, "conspiracy theory".

Indeed, it is common - when someone claims that anyone has rigged the game - for people to say "that's a conspiracy theory".

"Some Financial Market Conspiracies Are Real"

Time Magazine's Justin Fox writes today:

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