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Senate Democrats Screw States. Reid Screws Other Democrats (and Their States). Democrats Complain. R


When we posted commentary this morning regarding the imposition of ginormous new Medicaid mandates on the states if “health care reform” passes, we briefly alluded to Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, in an attempt to ease his dismal re-election chances, getting 100% reimbursement for Nevada, while sticking other states with their share and part of his also.

Our point was to motivate governors (who well understand the problem) to oppose this travesty.

Manu Raju of wrote on another aspect of Reid’s sweetheart deal – the grumbling of other Senate Democrats – and the piece is priceless.

Note how the other Democrats oh so seriously want their states to be treated “fairly,” not once acknowledging that they are about to screw all of them, in varying degrees.

Note how Reid uses the argument to make his campaign speech to Nevadans, which seems to say, “I’m going to pass this bill that screws you, but less than others.  Don’t you want to keep me?”

Note how none of these worthies recognize how ridiculous they sound.


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