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Was White House duped by Kremlin on timing of missile decision?

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In a highly unusual move for a diplomatic mission abroad, the US Embassy in Warsaw acknowledged on its official website that that Poles believe that the "insensitive timing" -- as the Embassy put it -- of the White House announcement shows that Obama does not understand Poland."
Opinia.US reports that several factors suggest that the White House was indeed duped by Russian propaganda experts as part of a carefully planned public relations scheme. Prior to the September 17th anniversary, the Kremlin controlled media helped to raise enormous anger and fear among the Poles by publishing a number of news items and commentaries defending Stalin's pact with Hitler that let to the German-Soviet partition of Poland. This was followed by Prime Minister Putin's statement in Gdansk in connection with the earlier anniversary on September 1 of the Nazi attack on Poland, in which he appeared to condemn the Hitler-Stalin Pact while still defending Stalin and his policies. Despite its ambiguous nature, Putin's statement made him look good to some Polish and many international media outlets, while President Obama was criticized for not attending the Gdansk ceremony and not even bothering to send a high level US official in his place.

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 OMG!  Obama shifted 0.00006% of the socialist warfare state budget to the socialist welfare state side of the ledger.  Man the barricades!!!  The cold war warriors are incensed!!!  Man the keyboards!!!

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