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Chris Rock & Jay Leno with some common sense on Pervert Polanski

Consider those hags like whoopie or behar on the view or the washed up liberal looney Susan Sarandon (and she has children of her own it makes you wonder would it be ok if it were her daughter?) and then of course the obama czar pick who covered up sex with a child.  Did you know about that?  Many do not with the mainstream media who seems to cover up anything that would reflect negatively on the obama administration or as the Washington Post says..

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Comment by Lola Flores
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Pervert Polanski, eh?  Gotta love your morality!  Have we forgotten about pervert Foley, pervert Berlin, pervert Barclay, pervert McKee, pervert Elliott, pervert Thompson, pervert Atchison (may god have mercy on his sould after soliciting sex from a 5 - yes, FIVE - year old child), etc etc.  (and since I'm tired, you can see the  list of perverts yourself:

See, Lori, the issue here is the blatant hypocrisy.  How can people who live in glass houses throw stones at the neighbor's house? 

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