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Dr. Mandy Krauthamer Conducts ER Surgery on Her Initial Claim of Distortion

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 Here is her original post, which as of this afternoon is the cached version that Google has. The red is my highlighting:
I was on MSNBC! My national TV debut….
In response the new NEJM article about physician support for a public plan….I landed myself a spot on MSNBC opposite Dr. Todd Williamson, head of the Georgia Medical Society. I was playing the part of “in favor of a public option”, while he played the part of “against a public option”. Not my favorite debate to have. You will see in the clip that I try to broaden the discussion to the larger comprehensive reform effort that is underway. Plus, what you don’t see in the clip I embedded here…is that the segment was tee’d up with the “data” that 61% of of physicians support a public option.

First, a few words about the NEJM study….I don’t see anywhere in the study that 60+% of physicians support a public option. I see 60% support a mix of public and private (but the public option that they are referring to could mean medicare and medicaid or even VA care…and not necessarily a NEW public option.) So, while I quote the study for our advantage….it doesn’t give me clear guidance about what physicians really support.

Do physicians support a public option? The truth is I don’t know.

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 Lori, do you mind terribly if I wipe my ass with your report?

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