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Singularity Summit 2009: Open The Pod Bay Door, HAL

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Ray Kurzweil's concept of the Singularity rests on two axioms: that computers will become more intelligent than humans, and that humans and computers will merge, allowing us access to that increased thinking power. So it only makes sense to begin the conference with discussions of those two fundamental concepts. No one disputed the emergence of intelligence beyond our own, but they did give me plenty of reasons to worry about how that process might take place.

According to Anna Salamon, a former NASA researcher who now works for the Singularity Institute for Artificial Intelligence that hosts the conference, artificial intelligence greater than our own is inevitable and dangerous. Salamon argued that biological brains have finite intellectual capacity. Just as a goldfish can't appreciate opera and a cat can't learn quantum mechanics, so too will humans soon confront problems beyond the comprehension of our slimy, mortal brains.

She believes we will create super computers to solve those problems for us. Just as relatively weak human muscles can work together to create stronger lifting machines like cranes, relatively stupid human brains can design vastly more powerful computers minds. Unfortunately, Salamon worries that if humans and AI have divergent goals, we could find ourselves in competition with the AI for resources to achieve those different goals. And when you compete with something vastly smarter than yourself, you lose. She stressed that assuring humanity and AI have the same goals requires a level of care and responsibility greater than even our stewardship of nuclear weapons technology.

To head off the Skynet take over, Salamon advocates starting now to ensure that positive, human assisting missions get hardwired into the basic architecture of artificial intelligence.


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