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Stu Bykofsky: Philly politics is Einsteinian insanity: It's time for 2-party rule


Under Democratic monopoly, Philly residents have: the highest city tax rate in the nation, craven Council members cashing in on DROP, an incompetent Board of Revision of Taxes, a 25 percent city poverty rate, a pinball pay-to-play system, a Department of Human Services that kills kids, a school district with a near-50-percent dropout rate and city workers who don't pay their taxes.

As a wholly owned subsidiary of the over-promising and underperforming Democratic Party, Philadelphia is failing.

Democratic politicians and policies are not solely responsible for our decline, but they've been in the driver's seat for a tortoise's lifetime and have driven the car into a ditch. If Democrats aren't responsible, who is - Apaches?

Will you ever hold them accountable?

In 1985, Philadelphians did the unthinkable and elected a Republican in a citywide election, making Ron Castille the D.A. The universe did not become unglued. Lightning struck again when Castille was re-elected, but since then Philly has been "GOP-free" (except for two EEOC Council seats wisely reserved for the minority party).


As a lifelong Democrat and a former Democratic committeeman, it's hard to admit that my party has failed, but principle comes before party.

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