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Court Wary of Ban On Cruelty Videos

• Washington Post
It has been 25 years since the Supreme Court decided that a category of speech -- child pornography -- was so unredeeming that it did not merit the protection of the First Amendment. Justices gave no indication Tuesday that they were ready to add another.
In an oral argument on animal cruelty that touched on bullfighting, cockfighting, fattening geese to make pate de foie gras and even a hypothetical "human sacrifice channel," the court searched for the limits of the Constitution's guarantee of free speech. The justices indicated that Congress had gone too far in its attempt to protect animals from abuse.

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Comment by Tyger Gilbert
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Cruelty to animals, along with many other similar dispicable acts of human behavior, is already illegal. If someone is stupid enough to record a video of their crimes, let them do it. They are simply providing evidence the courts can use to convict them and put them away where they can't torture any more animals.


Comment by Powell Gammill
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