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** VOTER ALERT! ** Continental Congress 2009 Delegate Election is Here!


The national CC2009 Election to select Delgates from each state to represent the People is now underway.  You have only days remaining to cast your vote, either by U.S. Mail or at one of the CC2009 walk-in Election Centers, to decide who will represent you at the historic two-week long Continental Congress 2009 Assembly starting this November 8th . 

Mail-in votes
must be postmarked no later than this SATURDAY, OCTOBER, 10th.  Click here for Mail-in ballots, registration form and instructions.   You can vote today!
Walk-in Election Centers will be open ONLY this Saturday, October 10th between 10 AM and 4 PM.  Voters will be registered at the local Election Center.  Click here for a list of close to 100 local CC2009 voting locations which have been established by The People across the nation.  Not every state has them, but if you find yours does, you will participate in a Constitutionally-valid election.

Here are the Delegate Nominees (click on your state)

Continental Congress 2009 will be an historic assembly of Delegates of the People to document the expansive and continuing attacks on the Constitution by our (servant) federal Government, and its utter contempt of the People by refusing to respond, whatsoever, to any of the formal Petitions for Redress of Grievances regarding these abuses that have been served upon it for over a decade.
Very importantly, this Continental Congress will publicly debate and decide upon a course of concrete actions the People may take, en masse, to peacefully resist the escalating tyranny and restore Constitutional Order.
The exercise and enforcement of the First Amendment Right to Petition for Redress of Grievances is the sole means expressly provided by the Constitution to peacefully hold the Government accountable.  The last ten words of the First Amendment are, in fact, the practical exercise of the Fundamental Right of Popular Soveriegnty. 
The Right to Petition is the means by which Individuals and the political minority can directly, but peacefully, secure their Fundamental Rights against both the self-interested majority and government officials acting outside, and without, bona fide legal authority.
Unconstitutional wars.
Unconstitutional bailouts.
Unconstitutional (privately owned) Federal Reserve.
Unconstitutional domestic spying.
Unconstitutional infringements of the Right to Keep and Bear Arms
Unconstitutional and unchecked illegal immigration.
Unconstitutional fiat paper currency and fractional, debt-based banking.
Unconstitutional seizures of private property for private use.
Unconstitutional direct, unapportioned taxes upon the labor of American workers which finance the very abuses the nation now suffers.

And on it goes...

It's time to restore Constitutional Order.

Tea Parties and Elections can do only so much.

It's time for the next Continental Congress.
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