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Tom Woods - Where Do Rights Come From? Pt. 6

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I just want to introduce you to this educational series if you like them you can view the rest.

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Comment by William Klepzig
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 A right is a grant from your government that says they (the government) will allow or protect a certain action in that country.  God does not give Rights, he does not say that you must succeed because of your certain religion and he does not strike down with bolts of lightning others not sharing your narrow ideas.

Rights, in America, were granted by the leaders of a rebellion that overthrew a legal government.  They stated what was the norm of the time and put those ideas in legal form.  At anytime a government may change the meaning of what is a right (slavery), jobs, education, service in the military, guns, the proper religion, voting or property rights with just a new law.  If that happened you would not see a rebellion but the simple acceptance after a few marches in the streets. (marches against something are protected because it allows the government to see the leaders and it blows of steam for those who would and will kneel anyway.

Rights are protected by a real threat of action.  If you think you have a god given and human accepted right, you don't.  If you are willing to as George and the bunch of terrorist of 1776 were: willing to fight and lose everything thet owned and their lives then you can keep your rights.  (there is nothing moral in a right!)



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