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Stephen Lemons on Declare Your Independence

• Stephen Lemons aka The Feathered Bastard
I took up Phoenix libertarian Ernie Hancock's invite to be on his Webcast Wednesday morning, after much prodding from Hancock and his supporters. Alas, I couldn't make it into the studio. (Sorry, Ernie, I've never been an a.m. person.) Still, we spent a whole two hours jabbering about everything from Tempe Obama-hate-preacher Steven Anderson and the social contract to why Ernie needs to keep paying his taxes and why, if it were up to me, he could have all the morphine and penicillin his heart desires.
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Heck, I'm just glad Ernie accepts some tenets of science, seeing that his FreedomsPhoenix Web site has run video from a contributor alleging that, "vaccines are poison." That's one of the topics we didn't alight on. Ditto the 9/11 Truth wackiness, which was mentioned only in passing.

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