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Ten Unanswered Questions For Our Future Robot Overlords

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To wrap up our coverage of the Singularity Summit, I'm going to count down my ten most vexing unanswered questions about Kurzweil's theoretical baby, the eventual merge of human and artificial intellifnece, and I am interested to hear any opinions, questions or (hopefully) answers you all have about any or all of these still unexplained facets of our future.

10. Is there just one kind of consciousness or intelligence?

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Oh! I'll go first. 10 questions for my future robot overlords:

1. Will you all really look like really hot anime chicks or do we get to pick out what you look like?

2. How are you with taxes and book keeping?

3. Which of the following statements most closely reflects your attitude towards me and motorcycles:

a: you cannot have a motorcycle.

b. you can have your motorcycle.

c. I am a motorcycle, wanna go for a ride?

4. If I told you to ask my mom exactly how I like breakfast, could you do it without terminating her?

5. On any given day, what percentage of your battery power would be spent on you and me respectively?

6. Are you interested in a professional career or are you more inclined to "hit the open road with daddy"?

7. What would be your response if I told you to smoke pot to gain a fresh perspective? What if I insisted?

8. Are you engaged in metaphysics? Do you know why you are here? How do you know you are here? Yes but do you really KNOW? Refer to question 7 above.

9. Can you write a short essay on what you like or dislike and why?

10. Can you bear me robot children?

Yeah, pretty much the same stuff I ask human chicks.

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