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Obey casts doubt on troop surge

• Politico
The chairman of the House Appropriations Committee cast serious doubts on whether Democrats can back a major military expansion in Afghanistan, calling the country’s government “almost useless” and drawing a comparison with Vietnam.

After emerging from a Thursday congressional briefing with National Security Adviser Gen. Jim Jones, Rep. David Obey (D-Wis.) said he has concerns about the cost of the war that President Barack Obama called the “front line of the war on terror.” 

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Comment by Trouser Chili
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I only read the summary of this article.  Which country's government got called "almost useless" - Afghanistan's or the United States?



Comment by William Klepzig
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 Most put in place or protected governments, as is Afghanistan's, can not stand alone because they do not control the nation or real military powers in that nation.

Viet Nam is brought up not because of the mistakes by the civilian leadership or the lies of the media but because the government we were supporting had no ability to continue the fight with out US backing.  The north had the hearts and minds of its people while the south had the US military.  At best this was a way to lose a war.

Today, the O'man can not nor does not want to have to come in front of the American government or people and state he is calling for a declaration of would be his downfall.  Also, now that he is the Peace leader it is harder to demand more war and no talk!

Because I hate opinions with no solutions I will suggest this.  First real talks with all of the tribes and war lords to open ways to settle the boundary disputes and form a real government in Afghanistan.  Second state a date when America will cut all aid to Afghanistan.  Third state that if the attacks continue the poppies will be killed.  Finally make it very clear, for any help to any government that is set up, no attacks on US installations or on this country.  If we are attacked and only think they were involved we will not put one man of dollar on the ground but will attack day and night by air.

These wars are money makers for every country but the US.  I suggest we ask Israel for a ten thousand acre base that we can use and supply.  Then pull all military from the Arab lands and wait.  After all we are great at destroying armies, let them rebuild and allow us the chance to do what we do best.....

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