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I’m not referring to the performance on Letterman as much as I am at the G20 Summit, where, humorously, he spoke of his determination to prevent and prohibit the “reckless risk-taking” that he asserts brought about the banking crisis and crash of the economy.
 What’s hilarious is his omitting any mention of his own reckless risk-taking, on such an epic scale it makes what went on over on Wall Street seem a penny ante poker game. He, the Reckless-Risk-Taker-In-Chief, lecturing anybody about such sin is sillier than John Edwards giving a speech on family values or Al Gigantic-Carbon-Footprint Gore carping about others’ energy consumption.

Let’s see … Ozbama has virtually nationalized the entire mortgage market, killing the private industry and transferring all the risk to taxpayers. He is busily killing the private college lending industry and replacing it with government funded, government run massively expanded, easier to obtain financing – with all the risk moved to taxpayers. As a minor matter, he has also helped himself to controlling ownership of General Motors, AIG, and assorted other businesses, putting hundreds of billions of taxpayers’ dollars at risk. If he gets his way, he will fundamentally transform 1/6th of the U.S. economy having to do with health care.

And that – healthcare “reform” –

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