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News Link • Media: Internet - October 10th 2009


Weekend Edition, October 10-11, 2009
The American Flu Charade
Despite media lies, Americans are just saying no to questionable vaccine. Article by Bill Sardi.
Gary North on the central scam of banksterism.
Disease Mongering for Fear and Profit
Karen De Coster on the big government-big pharma complex.
Gerald Celente Explains His Obamageddon Forecast
And calls for a great American rebirth.
Private Armies for the Emperor
Jack Douglas on Obama's powergrab.
Hardin, Montana, and Amerika
Chuck Baldwin on the apocalyptic tv show, 'Jericho,' come true.
Warmonger Wins Peace Prize
But, after all, war IS peace. Article by Paul Craig Roberts.
Those Gunshow 'Loopholes'
They're called property rights and freedom, Mr. Bloomberg. Article by Russ Longcore.
Carbon Is Life
We need far more C02.
JFK and Three Shots That Changed America
A new documentary on what happened AFTER the murder.
Detox Your Body Now
Obesity and and a host of other nasty health problems can be caused or exacerbated by toxins in food.

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