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Death of Petro-Dollar, Told Ya So

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The great majority cannot comprehend or envision such change. Give them time. The most visible changes will come with the value of Gold & Silver, and the demoted USDollar exchange rate. The other visible changes will be to the landscape of the United States and Great Britain and the arrival of foreigners. They will be called carpetbaggers, when in fact they are creditors in receivership. We welcomed their purchase of our vast rafts of debt.


When one combines the 0% US interest rate feeder system that shreds the USDollar with leveraged machinery designed by Wall Street itself, with the US$ rejection heralded by the Saudis side by side with their numerous global customers, the conclusion is easy. That is, easy except to the biased broken bastardos who continue to crawl like cockroaches in corridors of finance on Wall Street. The conclusion is the death of the USDollar is written in stone, and a USTreasury default lies down the road. If you believe the 8-9 year timeframe cited by Fisk and denied by the Saudis, then you believe in fairy tales. This timetable is much more palatable to sell to the US/UK maestros, much less threatening in words for a total disruption with overturned tables. The timing of the transition away from the Petro-Dollar will not be 8-9 years, not in this world. The rapidly decaying financial platforms and structures will dictate a much more rapid timetable. Within a year, the 

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