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Obama wins Nobel Peace Prize! Hell freezes over!

* Helped give us an annual $1.4 trillion deficit, 3 times larger than the previous largest annual deficit.
 * Issued signing statements, meaning that he will selectively choose to enforce parts of a law.
* Withdrew support for a bill to force financial firms to offer at least some "plain vanilla" products.
* Reappointed Bernanke, who espouses the same easy credit policies of Greenspan.
* Proposes to make the Fed a "super-regulator" when they are not equipped for such a job, and did not regulate adequately in the lead up to the financial crisis.
* Allows the Fed to monetize more debt, against the charter of the Fed, and partake in "quantitative easing."
* Will not release White House visitor logs in a transparent fashion. * Supports swine flu propaganda and police state measures associated with it, including the mandatory vaccination of 1.4 million Americans in the military
. * Allows the Federal Housing Authority, which provides nearly 40% of all mortgages, to go down the same road of Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae.
* Attempts to protect ATT from prosecution by saying they are an "intra-governmental" agency.
* Flip-flopped on whether he thinks journalist should be forced to reveal sources. He now thinks they should.
* Continues to support Colombian military government, and has refused to let a Colombian civil rights advocate enter the country.
 * Supports the growing trend of police militarization. * Has the American tax payer on the hook for up to $23.7 trillion in stimulus and bailouts, while the unemployment rate continues to rise.
* Continues to use misleading unemployement figures.
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Comment by Lola Flores
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 I can't wait till they nominate Bush and Cheney.  Maybe with a little bit of hope and a lot of prayer, they will be next year.

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