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Apocalypse Hollywood: Survival Lessons From the Stars

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 At Popular Mechanics, we take survival seriously. If you're caught in a disaster, lost in the wilderness or living far from civilization, we have tips, advice and even a menu for you. Hollywood's lessons tend to involve bold uses of strange weaponry, star-studded heroics and sideways strategies to get out of bizarre scenarios. Hollywood doesn't always excel at realism, but, hey, if you're ever caught in a post-apocalyptic nuclear fallout crawling with zombies or run by apes, you'll thank your lucky stars you read the lessons here.
The Scenario /// Humanity can no longer have children in a world gone crazy. It turns out, however, that one woman, Kee—an illegal refugee that the British government wants out— has become pregnant and needs to get to safe shelter, on the ship calledTomorrow, with the help of her new-found friend Theo. 

The Scene /// Theo and Kee need to get to the ship, but most of the roads are crawling with government officials who will lock Kee up or worse. They choose to break into a refugee camp. 

The Lesson /// If you're a wanted criminal, surround yourself with wanted criminals. In order to get to the ship, these two break into a refugee camp—the last place they'd expect to be found. 

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