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Debating Leftists is Like Debating Charles Manson

• Big Hollywood
These people don’t know what they are talking about.

They do not know their kiesters from a hole in the ground.  They are a few fries short of a happy meal and a few cards short of a full deck.  Their phasers are permanently set on “clueless.”

Once you come to this realization, as many of us have, you are forced to approach their ideas and spokespeople from a position of reality.  Not from some sanctimonious position of civility and “debate.” 

For an actual debate, two things are needed.  One, there must be a logical and factual distinction between two separate positions.  Two, there must be equally matched participants, each one prepared and versed enough to intelligently present their side of the issue.

Debating leftists is like debating Charles Manson.  It’s crazy talk.  When you debate a leftist you never get to debate the policy.  You debate their intended outcomes and their perception of who you are.  That’s a serious lapse in logical and critical thought.

World peace?  An end to poverty?  Proper medical care for all?  Equal opportunity for all men and women?  I agree.  Great.  Fine.  We all want that.  Appeasement?  Wealth redistribution?  Government controlled economy?  Pre-occupation with race and gender?  Whoa.  Wait a second, how does that work?  How do those policies equal those results?  When has that ever worked?

President Obama is fond of saying “the debate is over.” My question is, when did it really start?

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