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Hey, libertarians! Politics makes you stupid.

• Brad Spangler
It’s rather easy to see that anarchists active in the Libertarian Party are pretty much operatively minarchists with regard to their electoral political activism. What I’m going to describe, though, is how an anarchist who may have escaped from the trap that is a political party may still wind up thinking like a minarchist. 

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Comment by Powell Gammill
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I disagree with Spangler.  Just because you use the highways doesn't make you a minarcist.

 Just because you use the election process to promote libertarian philosophy or ethics doesn't make you a minarchist either.  The LP was founded by a few people to use the tools of the state against the state.  It may have attracted anti-NAP crap, but that makes the idea no less anarchist.  You can still oppose public funded freeways and elections.  But promoting or voting in it does -- at least the general elections.