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The Right of We The People to Form Militias

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Comment by Ed Price
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Why would any group want the right to form a militia?

Isn't it to stop an opposing militia group from allowing the militia to be formed?

Doesn't it take a militia, at times, to enforce the right to form the militia - or, conversely, to keep one from being formed?

Everybody has the right to do anything that does not hinder somebody else's rights. But, anybody who hinders somebody in the exercise of his rights, is doing wrong.

The right to form, and the forming and using of a militia, should only be done to uphold rights - never to uphold wrongs.

You have all the rights in the world... ALL of them... if you can enforce your using of your rights. And, the only way to enforce your rights, at times, is by using your right to form a militia.

Why a militia? Because you may not be strong enough to do it alone.

After all, what good are rights if you are not strong enough to use them?

All rights are yours. No wrongs belong to anybody... but some groups take the wrongs ans rights anyway.

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