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Embattled Pakistan faces its worst-case scenario

• Reuters
The worst-case scenario facing Pakistan -- prolonged insecurity with militants launching bloody attacks on the key pillars of the state -- is no longer just a risk for markets and Western policymakers to fret over.

It is already here.

A week of audacious attacks by al Qaeda-linked Islamist fighters -- including a brazen assault on the main army headquarters -- has killed more than 100 people and proven that Taliban militants and their allies are far from defeated.

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Comment by William Klepzig
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Pakistan is in fact two countries that have to settle their differences to decide who will rule. (USA 1835 to 1865)  There are two major factions at war here and a world that refuses to accept that many times a civil war, a bloody civil war with millions dead is the only outcome.

What is most surprising to me are the masses of people in Pakistan and every other nation including the USA that actually believe with a true core belief that you can talk to someone and they will agree with a peaceful settlement even as their people are being killed.  The first step is to broadcast daily, hourly the death and destruction the enemy is doing.  Make it personal.  The second is to find an idea to allow the masses to grab on to---(saving the slaves) third is to expand the army and begin  attacking to destroy, not bring to the table to talk one side or the other.  That means destroying the warlords power by destroying the cities and towns that support him.  Then as they flee across into Afghanistan having a force ready to destroy them in the mountains.

This is the way to set your boarders and allow a country to be free.  It takes the people being willing to put their lives on the line, Hundreds of thousands of them to be willing to march into battle because they believe that they should have a safe country that is not attacked by war lords.

Pakistan has talked.  Now it's time to set up the people so they become mad enough to be willing to fight for their country.



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