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Texas governor: Executed inmate was 'a monster'

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man put to death in 2004 for killing his three children was "a monster," and suggestions that he may have been innocent are anti-death penalty propaganda, Gov. Rick Perry said Wednesday.

Cameron Todd Willingham's convictions were upheld several times before he was put to death, and recent media reports looking into whetherWillingham may have been innocent glossed over evidence that showed he murdered his children, Perry told reporters after addressing Texas Association of Realtors members at a luncheon.

"Willingham was a monster. He was a guy who murdered his three children, who tried to beat his wife into an abortion so that he wouldn't have those kids. Person after person has stood up and testified to facts of this case that quite frankly you all aren't covering," Perry said.


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Comment by William Klepzig
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 For those who believe there should never be a death penalty I will give you a way that no inmate will ever be killed again.  A prison set up with single cells in an area away from any city or area, with only televised vista once a month and with no chance of the inmate ever leaving.  The inmate is given two years to have his lawyers prove he did not do the crime.  After that they have no more free legal help, if a church group or private group wishes to pay for legal council they can but the state and feds are done.

This prison will be set up so the inmate has the required out side time, bathing time and the ability to have books and limited Television.  He will not ever be with other inmates, nor have the ability to harm anyone else.  When he dies he will be cremated and the ashes sent to his family.

If you have never worked in a Prison.  If you have never seen the destruction to others lives these people once freed can and will do, you are like the blind man examining an elephant.

These individuals will not be killed, but they will never harm another ever again.  They will not have free legal help after two years and most importantly the feel good people who do not know the depths of the harm these individuals do to society will feel good.

Costs, same as in a normal prison but with out the legal expense.



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